Rosie huntington whiteley dating shia labeouf

Specifically, how does one gorgeous girlfriend exit to leave room for a new one?

And while we know this is a summer movie full of fantasy, is it really believable that a guy like Sam Witwicky (Shia La Beouf) could wind up with the likes of Mikaela Banes (Fox) and Carly (Huntington-Whiteley)?

Billy Bush caught up with the British Victoria’s Secret beauty – who was given the Female Star of Tomorrow award at Cinema Con 2011 in Las Vegas on Thursday – and found out if Rosie’s statuesque height was awkward while shooting the Michael Bay movie. I feel so unelegant and I feel so unfeminine.’ He said no, ‘You’re giving small men across America hope!

When it came to our kissing scene, I said, ‘Michael, please let me take my shoes off!

A few weeks after filming began, Shia invited Rosie (23) to dinner at the Chateau Marmont, and they wound up lingering until the early morning hours.

A few days later, he sent her a bouquet of flowers with a note praising her for being such a wonderful friend and costar.

"You went from a biker-machine-shop chick, which is a totally different sentiment, to a woman who's fresh out of college working for the British embassy as a diplomatic aide; it's a very different personality." La Beouf also revealed that before Huntington-Whiteley was cast, he suggested to director Michael Bay that they go for a girl who was the exact opposite of Megan Fox's Mikaela.

"I remember pitching to Mike, 'Maybe we should go with a more bookish type,' " he recalled.

Huntington-Whiteley remained unknown outside the fashion industry until 2008, when she was cast by chief creative director Christopher Bailey, replacing Agyness Deyn for Burberry's autumn/winter campaign with actor Sam Riley. Shia La Beouf is falling for his sexy Transformers 3 costar, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, but there are two obstacles standing in the way of their romance – his girlfriend and her boyfriend! The Enquirer isn’t claiming that Shia and Rosie are hooking up, just that he has a crush and he’s been trying to charm his way into her Victoria’s Secret panties, but he keeps getting c-ckblocked by A) Rosie’s hunky boyfriend Jason Statham and B) Shia’s girlfriend Carey Mulligan.Much of the criticism towards Rosie Huntington-Whiteley compared her in an unfavorable light to Megan Fox. She played The Splendid Angharad, one of the Five Wives of the warlord Immortan Joe.In order to portray her pregnant character, she wore a prosthetic stomach throughout the film.

Rosie huntington whiteley dating shia labeouf