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It was her brother’s idea for her to entere the World Series of Poker Main Event in 1994.Howard soon came to regret making the suggestion, as Annie eliminated Howard en route to a 13th place finish.When you’re put to one of those really difficult decisions, it’s a matter of follow-through, on knowing that what you think is right no matter how much money it’s gonna cost you. There’s that little bit that you don’t have control over. In order to be a really good poker player, you can’t be risk averse. You’re spending every minute in really, really deep thought. In the last couple of years, poker has become a global phenomenon. It’s not gonna be like playing golf with Tiger Woods, where he’ll always win. Do you translate what happens at a poker table to your life? Because that personality profile is very prevalent in poker players, a lot of times they tend to take that into life, and they’re not risk averse enough in life. Duke: If you know how an opponent perceives you, you can use that against them. You have to be really analyzing what’s going on, and paying attention to the other players, and trying to figure out what their betting patterns are, and who they are as people, and what their psychological profile is. Duke: But you don’t see a lot of fat man who are really at the top of the game. If you line up all the great poker players in the world, the majority of them are not overweight, and in relatively good shape. Born in 1965 in Concord, New Hampshire, Duke grew up in a family that played card games often.Her dad, Richard Lederer, a pretty famous writer and linguist taught at St. After she turned 18, she matriculated at Columbia University and eventually completed a double major in English and Psychology.As the Ultimate Bet scandal recordings continue to stir up the poker community, one intriguing, polarizing name has popped to the surface—Annie Duke.

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Creating further intrigue is a post by Two Plus Two member "dougmanct" (who has "Centurion" status at the site) which casts doubt on whether the "God-mode" cheating software could operate on a time delay: "Just want to point out, as the researcher who collected UB client software and decompiled/examined it at great length to understand the specific cheating mechanism, I can tell you it never appeared to function on a "time delay"; i.e.That’s why a lot of poker players will end up going broke for reasons outside of poker. In other words, behave opposite to the way that they perceive you. You have to bet in a ways that will make a bet be relatively attractive to your opponent, but yet, a very bad mathematical decision. People who have incredible longevity in poker tend to be people who have very good balance on risk. Good bet management really forces your opponent to mistakes. Annie Duke began her poker career shortly after moving to Billings, Montana, with her then husband, Ben Duke.Annie played in the cardrooms Billings in order to earn some extra money, and thanks to her older brother’s lessons, she soon became a very successful player.