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He wrote that the ketchup "probably isn't for minors" and blasted the firm for allowing its domain to expire so soon after the promotion.

Heinz replied: "We really regret the event very much and we're happy to take your suggestions for how we implement future campaigns on board." The baked bean firm told Mr Korell he would receive a free bottle of ketchup, with his own custom label.

“We’ve drawn some inspiration from our friends in China,” he explained.

Mitigating, Dominic Thomas said Mc Bain was an alcoholic who was "glad" to be arrested to "sort himself out".

She said: "Mr Buckley maintains the real buzz and thrill for him in his interest in this channel was in the fact his persona as a woman meant that others gave him a lot of attention and made him feel less lonely." Recorder Brian Altman QC will sentence the men at the Old Bailey on Monday.

However, the German man was instead sent to a hardcore pornography website.

US food company Heinz ran its label designing competition between 20.