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Reading both of these sources made me wonder - what are the things that people are doing now when they renovate or build that will be part of this decade's 'time capsule'?The New York Time argues that with credit tight, and 'mortgage strapped Americans bunkering down, there may be a new generation of time capsules in the making' given that people are not gutting and redoing homes as much these days, and the activity is not anticipated to resume anytime soon.he end of the Second World War brought a sea change to American housing that In just 20 short years altered the entire American landscape, creating whole new towns and cities where none had existed before, and inventing an entirely new American lifestyle.By 1946, the demand for new housing had been growing for years. All of the "strategic" materials needed to build housing went to war with our armed forces and built barracks, airfields and officer's clubs from Burma to Murmansk.Thirteen million American men and women had just returned from wartime military service.Lives that had been on hold since the attack on Pearl Harbor in December, 1941 were resumed.“You don’t want guests in the living room or dining room when you’re walled off in the kitchen,” Swanson says.

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“I just replaced a cooktop and one thing led to another,” says Carol Krieger of Carol S. “I ended up doing the countertops, which led to the backsplash, then, well, how about the flooring?

The Times cites 'garage size family rooms and stainless steel appliances' as early 21st century equivalents of the conversation pit and the avocado colored refrigerator. All of these elements are architectural or a part of the house, which is more of a commitment than a trendy pillow or lamp.

I thought I would present a few of the recurring items to my readers to see whether you concur with the opinions of the Gardenweb readers.

When I discovered the world of design blogs, the magazine like format of blogs appealed to me and I stopped frequenting the Gardenweb forums.

However, one of my readers pointed me back to Gardenweb recently, and I have been enjoying some of the posts.