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"I'm probably going to investigate an anonymous donor and do it artificially ...I want it to be my own biological child," she says. C., also struggles with the 30-something singles scene. "None of my female friends have ever said I'm intimidating," she says.So you’re getting to know someone to know whether or not that’s somebody you want to be married to.” In her career as a certified personal trainer, Mubarakah’s biggest challenge is finding workout clothes in keeping with her faith.“As Muslim women, we can only show our face and hands,” she explains."Having an education, a house, a job does not make me intimidating.

Instead of waiting around for a husband, she's considering having a child on her own.

Every Muslim is raised with the idea that they will someday get married, but prior to that there can be no interaction with the opposite gender.

Well, this makes meeting the person you are “written” for and getting to know him or her for marriage nearly impossible.

“So generally my headscarf will match my outfit.” Mubarakah says she encounters many myths about her religion, including her heritage.

“People automatically think I’m from another country, but my mother’s family is Cherokee and my father’s African-American, so I’m as American as it gets,” she says.