Validating steam games

After the loading screen I get a brief (1 second) pan of the camera and then stuck with a reconnect screen.

Guessing the servers are overloaded, but I wouldn't mind playing the game if there is a fix.

ref=4988-DHXV-7272 It describes what to do in each case. Steam games cannot disappear from your Steam account, unless you acquired them illegally or it was a timed offer ( Free Weekend or a Guest Pass ).

If your Steam Game is stuck in a loop where it constantly updates and validates itself, and when you try to launch it returns an error referencing corrupted update files, the quickest solution is to do a full reinstall of your game.

(You can get the details about your Steam account via sign in to the Valve secure login and then click on your Steam Avatar image and it will show your information we require.) Please Note: We do not allow any Steam accounts with a VAC ban under 365 days to register on our platform.

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Just leave it be and pray it gets common sense again and finally works.