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Once the door is closed for the night, it won’t open until the morning – no matter how much shouting and screaming you do.If you need to use the toilet, you might be lucky and have a shower curtain-style screen around it to allow a little privacy – but some cells don’t even have these.Under the Man’s Right to Know Act, Texan men would be fined 0 for every 'unregulated masturbatory emission' - although they may be reassured to learn this is a satirical bill highlighting how women have been targeted by anti-abortion laws.A bill that would see Texas men fined 0 (£82) for masturbating has taken a step closer to becoming law after it received its first reading in the state’s House of Representatives.

Any “unregulated masturbatory emissions outside of a woman’s vagina, or created outside of a health or medical facility, will be charged a 0 civil penalty for each emission, and will be considered an act against an unborn child, and failing to preserve the sanctity of life.” The bill, created by state representative Jessica Farrar of Houston, would also promote “fully abstinent sexual relations” and create a “Hospital Masturbatory Assistance Registry” to “provide fully-abstinent encouragement counselling, supervising physicians for masturbatory emissions, and storage for the semen.” Allowing Texas men only “occasional” masturbatory emissions inside the approved facilities, the bill would insist that the resulting semen be “stored for the purposes of conception for a current or future wife.” After receiving its first reading, the bill has now been referred to the Texas House State Affairs Committee.

The first prison I was sent to had open-ish showers.

There were four showers separated by waist-height walls. The changing area was completely open and it wasn’t possible to dress with any privacy – the door into the shower room had a window open to the wing, and anybody passing by, including female officers, could look in.

"It's to show how invasive this medically unnecessary procedure is ...

When a woman has to have a trans-vaginal ultrasound, it has nothing to do with her healthcare.