Intimidating names for characters

People are always drawn to characters that have an edge to them whether it's a protagonist or antagonist.

The only thing that matters is that they can crack open a six-pack of whoop-ass in a moments notice.

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Over four movies, Bronson's grizzly lawman evolved into a geriatric, plainclothes Batman.Hang him off a skyscraper, throw him on a speeding train, or drop him in a slow-motion shootout and he's got it covered.Say what you will about Tom Cruise, but if Hunt needs to cling to an ascending jet, he'll get out there and do the stunt for real. He'll beat a small time criminal until they leak information.What's your favorite name from Sly Stallone's films?To be a badass, you don't always have to be a bad guy and to be a hero it isn't always neccessary to be a softie.