Arisaka type 99 dating

The Type 99 was one of the standard bolt-action combat rifles to be utilized by the Empire of Japan during the Second World War.

At her start, she proved a reliable and robust weapon but the closing noose of the Pacific Theater soon brought about drastic changes in her production methods, often leading to a subclass weapon system.

The type was intended to replace the turn-of-the-century Meiji 38th Year rifle but never materialized as an all-out replacement due to demand.

The Type 99 was furthered a handful of designs that included the Short Rifle, Long Rifle, an airborne variant and a dedicated sniper model.

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The Type 38 went on to serve the Empire for thirty years as the army's rifle of choice.

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Janzen calls them Pattern 1856, while Skennerton lists B151 as Pattern 1856/58, and B153 as Pattern 1860.

All of these are for the “bar on barrel” stud, not the bar on the band, but exact muzzle ring dimensions listed vary from 20.6mm to 20.9mm.