James arthur dating rita ora

Rita broke up with boyfriend Robert Kardashian before Christmas and recently proclaimed she had 'no time for men'. Curiously, the Teesider also took aim at Australian rapper Iggy Azalea, adding: ‘I am cold, fearless sticking this thing in Z listers.Things look to be 'hot right now' between Rita Ora and James Arthur, as the rumoured star couple have been spotted on a date at a strip club in Leeds.

“Me and Rita were seeing each other on-and-off for a few months.

A fellow clubber said the pair were “kissing, cuddling – and heavy petting” which is a phrase we haven’t heard in a LONG time, so we’re guessing they weren’t the youngest clubber in the room.

Another source said: “Rita and James arrived at about 2am along with four others. “They seemed really into each other, but James was more chilled out – Rita was coming on to him all evening.” Don’t forget that James was also seen partying with Rita in Birmingham and the next morning he did the walk of shame from her hotel, wearing the same clothes as he’d arrived in the night before.

The pop singer has kept quiet on her rumored romances and high-profiled relationships, however, that is not working with the men she’s been involved with.

Rapper James Arthur is admitting that he had some sort of a “fling” with the British singer. I was a little bitter about that because she’d said she had a lot of feelings for me.” Fans slammed him when he released the rap song about the singer.