Contribute 3 0 stuck on updating connections

I'm attempting to install Joomla 3.3.1 onto a Linux server, and am having trouble.

Please consider the availability of third-party templates and extensions when deciding which Joomla version to use.

SQL Developer is developed in Java leveraging the Oracle Fusion Client Platform.

As such, users can write their own extensions to add functionality specific to their requirements.

We have updated the framework to be current with the JDeveloper 12c release.

With JDeveloper 11g R2, they switched to an OSGI framework.

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I've attempted installing Joomla 3.3.1 in another directory on the same server, and received the same result.Here's my server info: Linux running Apache 2.2.27My SQL 5.5.37PHP 5.3.28All folders are 755, all files are 644.I have a few other Joomla 3.3 installations running fine on the same server in different directories. I could try using a one-click installer provided by the host...but I really don't like using those if I can help it.hello I have the same problem whit joomla 3.3 but in windows 7 64 bit with xampp Everything works correctly until the "Creating Database Tables" step.NTP is a TCP/IP protocol for synchronising time over a network.