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Updates generally contain fixes or feature enhancements.Firmware updates aren’t always necessary – some cameras never have updates.

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A Nikon-approved memory card that has been formatted in the camera (note that all data on the memory card will be deleted when the card is formatted; before formatting the card, back up any data you wish to keep to a computer or other device)Open the folder created in Step 3-1 and double-click the downloaded file (“F-XXXX-V###W.exe”, where “XXXX” is the camera name and “###” the firmware version) to extract the firmware to a sub-folder in the new folder.Also where can I find the changelog (fixes/added feauters) for all previous versions so I could determine whether I need to update or not? I'd leave the firmware alone unless I knew of a specific problem that I care about was fixed in the newer version. Make sure the expected advantage outweighs the likely risk before blindly messing with something that is basically working. No, you don't need to install previous updates if installing a newer one, and on the camera settings it's possible to check the firmware version by doing the following: 1. Click on Firmware Settings option This link has the latest firmwares available for Nikon cameras: https://support.nikonusa.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/13783/~/current-firmware-downloads-available-for-nikon-products If I'm correct, prior to downloading, instructions to applying it are given. Nikon has released firmware version 1.01 for the D7200. This topic is one that I often find myself explaining in more detail, and one that many people aren’t even aware that they can update their camera’s firmware, and how this may affect their digital camera.An analogy is to updating the version of software on your smart phone.